Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Trip to Lambir

Here is our trip to Lambir on last Friday afternoon. We departed on 1.30 and arrive Lambir National Park at 2.00pm. Around half an hour ride. The participant are me, clement, kim lin and liana.

Heheh.. I was driving to Lambir.. Look at the side of the mirror, cruising speed should be at 120km/h thats why clement face so panic.

This picture takes on the Lambir Entrance signboard. Left to Right, Liana, Me and Kim Lin. The size very obvious i`m the biggest one. But size doesnt matter. Hehehe...

Oh gosh!!! This animal was available in the Lambir National Park. Actually not, heheh...

I tell you ppl, the water here really damn cool. But, after stay inside the water for few minutes, u feel u dont want to get up. The water really nice for swimming!!! I enjoy it.

The 1st water fall when we climbing to Latak.
It take us 15-20 minutes to reach the 1st waterfall.

The main entrance of our expedition.

yeah!!! four of us!!!

clement posing on the sign of latak waterfall.

Wah!!! i tell you ppl, after the expedition and u go to lambir canteen here and eat their maggie, it taste like heaven... Wow... really nice... the feel and the taste u cant get it in town.

Gather at Elizabeth's House

As u all can see, this is my 1st time writing blog.

So, as i look thru my digicam, i got some pictures which I capture during I was at Elizabeth's house.

This is Clement Bong. The table in the mess preparing some presents. And I dont know what is Clement looking at. Hehehe..

Behind Clement is Raymond. Raymond looking at his love letters. Hahaha... Wonder who is the lucky girl.

Wow!!! Elizabeth is the chef of the day. Doing her cooking very seriously!

Nice rite? Althought

Elizabeth the chef!

Mr. Clement Bong.. Eat your rice la... look wat?

Raymond. Also my friend and my manager. U must get to know him.. He is very funny and friendly too...

Lastly, after finish eat, see who is the one become pig. Clement oiii... After eat dont lying down.. will get fat. hahaha..
For those who want to see Clement's face which i had zoom in very detail, email to me and i will send to u... Very funny.